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Port of Gioia Tauro

Port of Gioia Tauro

Ecologia Oggi Spa is present in the nerve centre of the Mediterranean, in the Asi Port Zone San Ferdinando – Gioia Tauro, with the Multipurpose Centre for the storage and treatment of hazardous and non hazardous waste, including waste from ships and within the Port of Gioia Tauro, as well as the treatment of Infected Sanitary Waste from the international circuit.

The system has an Integrated Environmental Authorization no. 17123 of 27/12/2016 and hosts:

  • A system for the treatment of liquids from industrial photography;
  • A treatment and storage centre with a capacity of 220 cubic metres of complex emulsions;
  • A three phase oil-waste-sludge valorisation and separation line with a capacity of 6 cubic metres per hour;
  • A sterilisation centre for sanitary food waste from steam ships combined with microwaves with a treatment capacity of 150 kg/h;
  • An evapo-concentration centre for the treatment of percolated and liquid waste in general with a productive capacity of 6 cubic metres per hour.

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