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Land reclamation

Ecologia Oggi Spa specializes in land reclamation in Paola, Cetraro, Rende and the major local councils in the provinces of Cosenza, Reggio Calabria, Crotone, Vibo Valentia, Catanzaro and Lamezia.

In fact, during its activities the Company has specialized in the reclamation of contaminated sites in accordance with both Law 257/92 that ratified the cessation of the use of asbestos for housing, and the requirements of Italian Legislative Decree 152/06 that lays down the procedure and methods for the safety, reclamation and environmental restoration of contaminated sites.

In fact, through reclamation the Company carries out specific interventions aimed at remedying situations of contamination and poisoning of the soil by securing the territory and the entire environment concerned, by removing and disposing of the polluting substances according to current regulations in matters of reclamation: chemical products, special waste, urban waste, dangerous waste, etc.

The Company also deals with important reclamation of degraded industrial areas by supplying at the same time a technologically advanced and safe management for the waste to be collected and disposed.

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