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Legambiente: Cosenza is one of the virtuous urban centres

The city deserves its 13th place in the Urban Ecosystem standings

Legambiente’s Urban Ecosystem 2017

The Urban Ecosystem 2017 report by Legambiente and Ambiente Italia, based on the 2016 data marks Cosenza as one of the most virtuous urban centres: the city took 13th place in the standings also thanks to the fact that between 2011 and 2016 it went from 21% to 53% in separate collection. The city did not miss the opportunity to promote a model that leads to greater respect for the environment by showing that in the urban contexts we live in are better thanks to the efficient and modern management of the waste cycle.

Cosenza is the first city in Southern Italy.

The score of the Urban Ecosystem report was given according to the qualitative results achieved by the various cities in the 16 indicators considered by the report, indicators that concern six main themes: air, water, waste, urban environment, mobility and energy. Cosenza gained 13th place (with a score of 62.92%) in the final standings and so is the first city in the South classified according to quality of life. Specifically, the city, with its modern waste management policies discouraged the use of landfill by favouring separate collection with a virtuous system.

Calabria is no longer last in the standings

In the past the cities of Calabria were always in the last places of the Legambiente standings. But the work, made up of commitment and consistency, put in by the city’s policies and the community of Cosenza showed that it does not have to be like this and that cities, all cities, can improve their quality of life, to be more beautiful and liveable. Good policies and good practices show how to consume in a more sustainable way, simply by putting into practice some simple habits that contribute to improving the quality of life for the benefit of all citizens.

The Integrated Urban Waste Management Cycle

Cosenza deserved this result that did not fall from the sky but was the result of work on the ground that has shown its effectiveness. Ecologia Oggi, which has been active in environmental services since 1987, gave its contribution to this success and it was also the consequence of the Integrated Cycle of Urban Waste Management based on the “Ecologia Oggi model”. The company has made its expertise available and has built a modern system that is capable of managing waste with great efficiency with a model that follows waste from its predefined point of collection right up to its total exploitation.