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Calabria’s Cartoniadi

Cosenza wins first place in the Calabria’s Cartoniadi

A win for all the community, a win for the “Ecologia Oggi model”

The championship for separate collection of paper and cardboard: winning a challenge for our times

The Calabria’s Cartoniadi is a separate collection championship, a competition between local councils in Calabria organized by the Region and Comieco (which is the national consortium that works in developing separate collection of paper and cardboard and is very active in promoting green economy in Italy). The winner of the Cartoniadi and thus the champion of paper and cardboard recycling was the local council of Cosenza, which was awarded the 30,000 Euro prize for having increased the separate collection of paper and cardboard by 50% during the month of the competition from December 1st to 31st, 2017.

The community of Cosenza equals the highest performance levels for separate collection

Aside from the monetary prize, the noteworthy improvement in the performance of separate collection, which brings the local council of Cosenza close to lining up with the most virtuous urban centres in Italy and Europe is one of the aims of the city and all its citizens. This showed that it is possible to win with a model of city that concretely puts into action the active commitment of the whole community for a more sustainable model, which significantly improves the quality of life and the health of all its citizens. This is what a community can do when it is supplied with the tools for managing the waste cycle just like and better than various other European cities that are considered more innovative and modern.

With good urban policies and “model” environmental services cities can be more beautiful and liveable.

This success achieved by the city of Cosenza shows how good policies and urban practices are achievable, and available. It is also the result of the Integrated Urban Waste Management Cycle based on the “Ecologia Oggi model”. Ecologia Oggi, active in ecological services and the protection of the environment and the territory, has built a system that follows waste from its predefined point of collection up to its total exploitation with an efficient and winning proposal that can encourage recovery instead of landfill. It has been shown how we can win a challenge of our times: that of making our cities more beautiful and liveable where everybody can be happier.

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